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Produce nitrogen, which makes up most of the atmosphere, on your own!
Nitrogen Generator (PSA Method)
Components of Air
Nitrogen is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere, making up about 78% of air. Nitrogen is non-combustible and is used in various industries because its pressure doesn’t change much under different temperatures. Generally speaking, nitrogen is procured through having it delivered in gas cylinders from liquefied nitrogen factories or through tank lorries. But if you think about it, purchasing nitrogen, especially when it’s costly to properly maintain gas cylinders, this conventional method can be very inefficient. Current trends of the industry are shifting towards self-producing nitrogen gas so that you can cost-efficiently use it only when you need it. As Korea’s first-ever manufacturer of air dryers, Seyang Corporation has been researching and developing compressed air equipment and application devices by utilizing our accumulated technology and experience. We always provide our customers with genuine values and also offer a newer concept of Nitrogen Generator by forming strategic partnerships with leading Nitrogen Generator developing firms.
Gas Separation Technology
A PSA nitrogen generator produces high-purity nitrogen by adhering materials such as oxygen from the atmosphere onto adsorbing media/molecule.
  • Compressed air dehumidified by air dryer lets pure nitrogen out from the topof the adsorption Tower T1 after oxygen is adsorbed by the media inside the tower.
  • Concurrently, in the adsorption Tower T2, depressurization occurs, purging nitrogen generated from Tower T1, desorbing oxygen from the adsorbent, thus switching to regenerative mode.
  • Once the adsorption strength of Tower T2 is restored, compressed air is sent to T2 through electronic valve transfer, lowering pressure of Tower T1 and purging nitrogen gas generated from T2, thus again switching to regenerative mode.
  • As such, high-purity nitrogen gas can be obtained by repeating such method.
Flow Sheet of PSA Technology