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CRD Series
Cost-saving type,
combination-type air dryer
High capacity compressed air system which requires dew point below -60 ℃
Combining refrigeration-type dryer and adsorption-type dryer into one integrated system can dramatically reduce operating costs compared to when adsorption-type dryer is run alone. Thus, investment costs can be recovered in a short period of time.
CRD Series
Product Features
  • Perfect system composed of only the advantages of the refrigeration-type and adsorption-type dryers, respectively.
  • Minimizes maintenance costs.
  • Below -80°C of dew point under pressure possible.
  • Possible to operate with one system only in emergency situations.
Energy Savings
  • Power costs can be saved by making the refrigeration-type dryer, which has low operation costs, to perform 7/8 of the total operation. This is possible because the adsorption-type dryer accepts cooler, drier air, which minimizes the bed size and the energy required to regenerate the bed.
  • More savings can be made when operating at high temperature or low pressure with high moisture content.
  • For additional savings, you can leave the adsorption-type dryer off during a period of warm weather.
  • Refrigeration-type dryers use refrigerant bypass valves whilelarge-scale units use refrigerant compressor unloaders.
  • The adsorption-type dryer consists of a fully insulated tower, heater and purge piping in order to stop the heater from operating and prevent heat loss as the adsorbent bed is regenerated, including a temperature sensor for energy-saving and temperature-reduction.
  • It is designed to reduce pressure drops throughout the whole system.
  • Keeping constanttemperature at outlet-point as well as constant dew point: full cooling during regeneration eliminates unstable conditions (Spikes) during tower replacement.
  • When surrounding dew point is lower than conditions in the original design, dew point under pressure at outlet-side goes down.
  • For units with oil filters,filtersare installed at positions with the lowest temperatureto increase efficiency.
Reducing Maintenance Costs
  • Low regeneration temperature and long cycle duration mean longerlifetime for the adsorbent. Typically the adsorbent lifetime ranges from 3 to 5 years.
  • Because the size of the bed is generally only 1/3 of the adsorption-typedryer, the cost of replacing the adsorbent is minimized.
  • For additional savings, you can leave the adsorption-type dryer off during a period of warm weather.
  • Long cycle duration reduces valve wear. When adsorption-type dryer is bypassed during a period of warm weather, regular maintenance work can be carried out without interrupting air supply.
Space Saving
  • Large-scale modelsare offered as a connected-type assembly on two self-supporting skids.
  • Refrigeration-type dryer and an oilfilter (if supplied) are placed on one skid and a blower purge adsorption-type dryer and an after-filter are placed on the other support skid.
  • Such design, separating them into two parts, makes better use of space compared to having them as one large single unit.
  • Those two parts can be installed separately. In other words, one part can be installed on the floor while the other part can be installed at a higher ground.
  • Skids are fully assembled and include a 3-way by-pass valve to allow solo operation of refrigeration-type dryer.
System Configuration
MODEL Treating Flow Rate
Refrigeration-type Dryer Adsorption-type Dryer Filter Port Size
   CRD-1000 30 CR-1000 CD-1000 NH-3100 100A 4" F
   CRD-1500 45 CR-1500 CD-1500 NH-3100 100A 4" F
   CRD-2000 72 CR-2000 CD-2000 NH-3100 100A 4" F
   CRD-2500 87 CR-2500 CD-2500 NH-3100 150A 6" F
   CRD-3000 101 CR-3000 CD-3000 NH-3100 150A 6" F
   CRD-3500 116 CR-3500 CD-3500 NH-3100 150A 6" F
   CRD-4000 130 CR-4000 CD-4000 NH-3100 150A 6" F
   CRD-4500 145 CR-4500 CD-4500 NH-3100 200A 8" F
   CRD-5000 176 CR-5000 CD-5000 NH-3100 200A 8" F
   CRD-6000 147 CR-6000 CD-6000 NH-3100 200A 8" F
   CRD-7000 202 CR-7000 CD-7000 NH-3100 250A 10" F
   CRD-8000 231 CR-8000 CD-8000 NH-3100 250A 10" F
   CRD-8500 246 CR-8500 CD-8500 NH-3100 250A 10" F
   CRD-10000 289 CR-10000 CD-10000 NH-3100 250A 10" F
   CRD-12000 347 CR-12000 CD-12000 NH-3100 250A 10" F
   CRD-15000 434 CR-15000 CD-15000 NH-3100 300A 12" F
   CRD-20000 580 CR-20000 CD-20000 NH-3100 250A 14" F
※ System configuration mentioned above is based on standard models. Please consult with us for further details.
※ Possible to manufacture models other than standard models.
※ For adsorption-type dryers, externalheater-type other than blowerpurge-typeare also available.
CRD Series
Configuration Overview
  • In the past, in order to obtain dew point of below -40°C under working pressure and to reduce maintenance costs, a system, where a refrigeration-type dryer is installed at the front-end and an adsorption-type dryer directly connected at the rear-end, was formed. Since humidity of compressed air passing through the front-end refrigeration-typedryer is unsaturated (about 20% RH), the absorption rate of the adsorbent atthe rear-endof the adsorption-type dryer is drastically lowered. Also, the refrigeration-type dryer maximizes the moisture absorption rate by absorbing saturated (4°C, 100% RH) compressed air before passing it through the refrigeration-typecooling heat exchanger so that energy consumption is minimized hence, securing the lowest compressed air with the least amount of maintenance costs.